How do I plan the details of my visit?
After a walk in the forest from the Castle Parking you can take a designated tourist footpath to the Lower Castle, i.e. the ticket office. On average, this requires 15 minutes.  After purchasing the ticket, it takes another 15 minutes to get to the Upper Castle via wooden and rock stairs. This stairway has wooden handrails. From the settlement to the Upper Castle, an elevation of 130 m difference must be taken.

How should I dress for the castle tour?
Taking the terrain conditions of the Castle of Füzér into account, it is essential to wear closed footwear and longer clothing for a walk in the forest. This is necessary due to the exposure of the castle hill, the forest hiking trail and to avoid possible accidents.

Do I have to buy a ticket after arriving at the Castle Parking Lot? If so, what does it include?
Parking tickets, which are valid for the whole day after a one-time purchase and they include the use of washrooms in the parking lot, must be purchased based on the pricing indicated on the website.

I arrived at Castle Parking with a dog. Can I take it to the castle?
Pets can be brought up to the Lower Castle, but not allowed further from the cash desk, regardless of their size. Dogs can be housed in kennels or tied up in the Lower Castle courtyard for the duration of your visit. Dogs can get a spinal injury due to climbing many stairs, loud music and crowds can disturb them, they cannot enter the furnished halls for hygienic reasons. The rebuilt Upper Castle area and halls are prohibited for dogs and other pets, exceptions to this rule are guide dogs with a certificate. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the ways to get from Castle Parking to the Upper Castle?
At the moment, access to the Upper Castle is possible only and exclusively on foot. For our visitors with limited mobility have difficulties in approaching the castle, but future plans include the commissioning of a personal cabin lift for their assistance.

Is there a meal in the castle?
No, there isn’t. Food can be purchased in the town.

Is it possible to pay by credit card when buying an entrance ticket?
In the Lower Castle, payment is possible using credit card when purchasing ticket or souvenir. This payment method is for the maximum convenience of our visitors.

Where can I buy souvenirs?
You can buy souvenirs in two locations: in the Greater Milic Nature Park Visitor Center (in the centre of the village) and in the Lower Castle (at the ticket office).

Can I buy an annual pass to the castle?
At the moment, this is not possible.

Is the Castle of Füzér open also in winter?
Füzér Castle welcomes its visitors in winter thanks to its heated halls and working medieval tiled stoves.

What is included in my ticket purchased at the Lower Castle?
By purchasing the ticket, you are allowed to see the exhibitions in the castle (6 pieces), visit the panoramic terrace (Lower Bastion) through the cellar level, and to get to know the entire master level (Palace Wing) together with the Castle Chapel.

There are two ways to obtain information: independently (interactive guided tour system) and with animated guided tours starting at specific times, and the ticket price includes the photo shoot fee and the use of the toilet.

What rules apply to me during my stay in Füzér Castle?
All persons visiting us are subject to the rules set out in the Policy which can be found at the following link: Castle of Füzér House Rules. In the event of an emergency, everyone is obliged to notify the staff of the castle immediately. The Castle Hill of Füzér is a strictly protected landscape protection area, so under no circumstances can the fauna and flora live in it be picked and collected.

I arrive at the castle with a group. What are my options?
Depending on the number of employees, there are various discounts available for groups, which can be accessed by clicking here. There is no possibility to book a tour date, they start on a predetermined date and with a headcount limit! When visiting the castle please note that the exhibitions and guided tours take place in the Upper Castle which can be reached by a 30-minute walk from the Castle Parking via a forest footpath.

Who is granted a free entrance to the castle area?
The castle is a monument, but it does not function as a museum. According to this, the following discounts are provided:

-Free entry for: residents of Füzér, people from Füzér, disabled people (+1 accompanying person) and those under the age of 6 are free to enter after presenting the required documents.

– Free in case of prior signing in: Press staff, if they wish to present an article or report about the castle.

I came to the castle as a 70-year-old, retired visitor. Do I have to pay for the admission?
You do not need to purchase pensioner’s admission ticket over 70 years of age, you can view the castle for free.

What prize games are on related to the Castle of Füzér?
We welcome the photos of all guests visiting here by filling in the form below: https://fuzervara.hu/kepjatek/ You can find out about the rules of the game at the following link: https://fuzervara.hu/kepjatek/jatekszabalyzat/

Füzér Castle or Castle of Füzér?
Since the reconstruction of the Castle of Füzér — since 2015 — the Castle of Füzér name, which was used before 1676, has been used again, thus emphasizing its renewal and splendour in the old light.

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