Castle of Füzér

The history of the castle

Have you always been interested in the story of a castle raised to an altitude of 552 meters to an essentially inaccessible mountain peak? Who and how did they once use it as part of their lives? Many mysteries will be unravelled if you go on clicking to open the history book of the Castle of Füzér!


The Upper Castle of Füzér has a lot of interesting things! You can learn about the Holy Crown of Hungary, the mysteries of Füzér’s coins will be revealed and you can explore the castles of the Carpathian Basin as well. The entire castle area is a furniture exhibition, which not only pleases the eye, it is also possible to try it out! And the view is a wonder… why do we mention it separately?! You should check it out.


Fotókönyvünk arra hivatott, hogy megmutassuk Füzér Várának történetét és építészetét az elmúlt 200 év festményeinek, rajzainak, fotóinak és
látványterveinek segítségével.

Castle Chapel

Now you have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the beautiful chapel of the castle. The part of the building holds a lot of curiosities, reflecting the world of people of past centuries.

Plan your trip

With our help, it will be easier for you to organize your time in our village to make it a more beautiful experience for you.

House Rules

By purchasing their tickets, our visitors accept our House Rules: we have tried to include topics that can help their visit and, of course, clarify any situation or possibility of misunderstanding. Read on and learn the system by which our castle is operated today!

Virtual Castle Map

No hiker can do without a compass in the mazes of different trails. We thought similarly when we decided that we do not want our visitors to miss even a bit of curiosity both in the Castle of Füzér and in the village. So was born our REG-ÉLŐ Castle roaming map which you can now view virtually.

Our developments

The Castle of Füzér underwent a major renovation between 2014 and 2016, during which the Lower Castle was built, the Chapel of the Upper Castle, the Palace Wing and the Lower Bastion were renewed. The restoration continued later: the Kitchen and Oven House of the Upper Castle were completed, and the Castle Parking was also expanded. Under More you can see our developments that have been completed and those still in progress.