House Rules

Last modified: 2023.05.15.

By purchasing a ticket to the Castle of Füzér, every visitor accepts the rules of the castle and is bound to by the items contained therein!

Opening hours of the Castle of Füzér

Click here for the current opening hours of the Castle of Füzér.

Further information is available on the official website of Füzér Castle Guardianship (, on e-mail address and the phone numbers +36 (47) 540 013 and +36 (30) 820 6388.

The walk from the Lower Castle to the Upper Castle takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the pace. Please choose the time of your visit considering that the ticket office closes half an hour before the closing of the castle. After that, we will no longer be able to issue tickets. (For example: In case of closing at 18:00, the ticket office will no longer issue tickets after 17:30.)

In case of events to be held on the territory of the castle, the opening times may be changed, you can find out more about this in our ticket offices and on our website (

In the castle it is possible to hold family events, conferences, during which certain rooms are booked, and the visiting of them is limited to a given time of the day.

Entering the territory of the Castle of Füzér

You can only stay in the territory of Castle of Füzér with a valid ticket, which can be purchased at the ticket offices of the Lower Castle. The ticket is valid for one day, please keep it during your stay, because our colleagues may check its validity at any time!

During events, the validity period of the ticket may change!

During the events to be held in the castle, instead of the admission tickets wristbands may be issued which everyone is obliged to wear during the whole period of the program! More information is available on the entry at the ticket offices upon your visit!

If you are entitled to a discount provided by us, please present the documents certifying this at the ticket office. If this is not done, the visitor is not entitled to the discount!

By default, there are three main ticket classes:

  • Adult: 3.800 HUF
  • Student*: 3.300 HUF  
  • Pensioner: 3.300 HUF

Discounted tickets:

  • *Family ticket: 11 000 HUF (2 adults and 2 children (between 7 – 18 years))
  • each additional child ticket (between 7 – 18 years) in addition to the family ticket*: 2 500 HUF/child

*Valid only on presentation of original IDs entitling to the following discounts: student ID, temporary student ID, international student ID

The following discounts apply for groups:

  • Over 20 people: 20% discount on the ticket total
  • Over 40 people: 30% discount on the ticket total

For groups of students, 1 teacher per 10 students is admitted free of charge.

Admission is free:

  • For children under 6 years
  • For Füzér residents and people originally from Füzér
  • for disabled person + 1 accompanying person
    • with SINOSZ card (Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
    • with AOSZ card (Hungarian National Autism Society)
    • with MVGYOSZ card (Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted)
    • with MEOSZ card (National Federation of Organisations of People with a Physical Disability)
    • with ÉFOÉSZ card (Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability)
    • with MACIE card (Hungarian Cochlear Implant Association)
  • for pre-registered staff of the press, for work purposes
  • for ICOMOS card holders (International Council on Monuments and Sites)

Additional items that provide a discount:

  • with the entrance ticket received at Hotel Vécsecity
  • **10% discount coupons (voucher) issued by

**The discount is not available during any event!

Pursuant to our agreements with our partners, visitors who present a valid voucher are entitled to a discount on the price of admission to the castle, which discount cannot be combined with any other discount (raffle prizes, gift tickets).

Safety requirements

In case of entering the Castle of Füzér, the visitor is responsible for their own personal safety! The ascent may take longer, depending on physical conditions, due to changing terrain conditions, and may become even more difficult due to the influence of various weather factors. Please pay special attention to your own personal safety and that of others. According to our safety measures, visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff, such as the “No climbing on the wall!” sign.

All our visitors are advised that during visiting the Castle of Füzér, everyone is staying in the castle area at their own risk, and is responsible for all actions taken there!

The entire area of the castle is in a conservation area, therefore no damage to flora and fauna is allowed, and it is in everyone’s interest to keep it clean and tidy. Please pay attention to maintain the order! If you encounter any animals (snake, lizard, snail), do not touch them!

Wooden and rock stairways leading to the Upper Castle may become wet and slippery due to various weather influences. Please arrive in appropriate footwear and take extra care if necessary!

The Castle of Füzér is a monument! It does not function as a museum; it is a historical monument!

Surveillance camera systems are in place throughout the castle, primarily serving the safety! The recordings are stored and handled as per specified by law, and they are not forwarded to third parties! (We provide recordings solely at the request of public authorities, as required by law.) We also use our remote recordings for our own marketing purposes, taking personal rights into account.

Entry to the unvisited areas of the Castle of Füzér is forbidden and life-threatening! The visitor is fully liable for any damage caused to walls, equipment, objects, and electronic devices.

We are not responsible for valuables abandoned in the castle area! In any case, please hand in any lost property to the Lower Castle’s cash desk, we will keep them for 1 month and then hand them over to the Municipality of Füzér.

It is forbidden to take any object or substance that cause injury or danger to life in the Castle of Füzér!

Figures, information and other signs placed in the castle are for the benefit of visitors, if you find any errors in their placement or use, please contact us by e-mail ( and we will review the signs in question.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the Upper Castle! In the Lower Castle, we can provide a place for dogs in closed dog kennels in front of the cash registers for the duration of the visit. We ask for your understanding and thank you!


Making pictures, video or sound recordings of animators and other members of our staff requires their prior consent!

Business and religious activities for any purpose in the Castle of Füzér are prohibited without obtaining prior permission!

The equipment and objects of the castle can be used interactively, but in no case can they be taken away from its territory!

Events held in the Castle of Füzér

Our castle reserves the right to change the programs and dates of the event, if necessary, without prior notice! In extreme weather conditions and in a situation of force majeure, the program may be cancelled if justified!

The institution in case of its cancelled events is obliged to redeem the tickets!

In the case of alerts issued by the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) – level one (yellow), level two (orange), level three (red) – the Head of the Institution may restrict access to the castle area, and in special cases may even prohibit it! We ask for your understanding and thank you!

Guided tours

Our guided tours are available in the Upper Castle on every opening day, according to the dates announced on site. (These dates vary by season!)

Booking in advance is not possible; the attendance on the tours is based on the order of arrival.

The number of participants in the castle tours is maximum 40 people in order to facilitate the flow of information and information exchange.


Violation of this policy may have severe consequences! This may imply banning you from the castle or even result in police action!

This policy is valid from May 15, 2023 until revocation.