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Visitor Centre

In the heart of the village of Füzér lies the building of the Greater-Milic Nature Park Visitor Centre and Castle Guardianship, which serves as an excellent information point not only for lovers of the castle, but also for hikers arriving here.

Thanks to the exhibition you can learn about the past of the village and the castle, as well as the natural and cultural values and traditions of the surrounding countryside. 

Country Houses

In the Country House there are two buildings which show a period of the 19th and 20th centuries. The older building is a traditional three-section version built in 1879, which shows the peasant culture and lifestyle of the 19th century.

The newer building is the House of the Past, the atmosphere of which brings all visitors back to the 1940-1970s.

The landmarks of Füzér

The Roman Catholic Church of St. István

The Roman Catholic Church in the centre of Füzér was built in the 13th century in Romanesque style. The present form of its tower and sanctuary was completed in 1808. On the bicentennial of making it more Baroque, on 9 November 2008, the marble tablet commemorating the event was inaugurated in a solemn setting.

The Reformed Church

The Reformed Church in Füzér was built in 1785 and is still the place of worship services of the local Reformed community. The main value of the building is the painted wooden coffered ceiling decorated with plant and geometric patterns, which was finished in 1832 by Mihály Pandák.

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