Realized Phase II

Füzér REG-ÉLŐ Castle

Consortium partners: Füzéri Várgondnokság, Füzér Község
Önkormányzat, NÖF Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi Fejlesztési NKft.
Project title: FÜZÉR „REG-ÉLŐ” VÁR
The amount of the contracted funding: 1.624.999.200 Ft
Amount of funding (in %): 100%
Presentation of the content of the project: II. ütem
Planned completion date of the project 31/08/2023
Project identification number: GINOP – 7.1.1-15-2016-00022

The priority development element of the GINOP project titled FÜZÉR REG-ÉLŐ castle is the reconstruction phase II of the Upper Castle of Füzér, and the project also included the extension of the Castle Parking, the establishment of a solar park and the development of the Castle Manor Hanging Garden.

Füzér- REG-ÉLŐ Castle Phase II (in Hungarian)

Upper Castle

During the 2nd stage of the reconstruction of the Upper Castle of Füzér, the REG-ÉLŐ CASTLE will be expanded with an additional exhibition.

Entering through the gate tower, the farm wing to the right will house the Vinegar House, Oven house, Kitchen, Governor’s House, Soldiers’ House, Fruit kiln, Rimay House, the exhibition content of which building parts are expected to be fully completed by autumn 2022.

Hanging garden development and experience elements

In connection with the implementation of family- and child-friendly project elements, the former fish ponds of the Castle and an imposing hanging garden will also be created, and a themed playing area is housed in a forest environment based on the Saga of Fehérlófia. The experience elements include a tale-swing, sandpit, obstacle path, hamster wheel, carousel and wire cableway for the visitors of the game garden.

Solar Park

Within the framework of the project we pay special attention to the utilization of renewable energy, so we are developing a solar park as an alternative energy source. With the use of renewable energy, we ensure the economical operation and long-term sustainability of the castle and its related facilities.

Castle parking

Due to the development of the Upper Castle and the increasing number of visitors, the expansion of the Castle Parking has become necessary. The parking lot underwent significant modernization, including the establishment of electric charging system, bicycle racks, accessible parking, bus parking and horse stands.